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The MyGov Platform was created specifically with local government employees in mind. After years of working in local government, our founder and product visionary Stephen Burnsworth decided to create a software solution purpose-built for your local government employees. He knew personally the frustration of not having the right tools to address the needs of Public Works and Community Development departments like yours, and he set out 20 years ago to build a modern software platform for local government agencies that would be intuitive, configurable, and simple yet powerful.

Today, MyGov is more than just a software solution for local governments. It’s also a company made up of talented and dedicated professionals who are driven to deliver on our core values of Care, Simplicity, and Quality. These combine to form the driving force behind everything we do, demonstrating our care for local government agency employees by providing intuitive, easy-to-use local government solutions that deliver the highest quality.

Our Core Values


We strive daily to take the best care possible of our employees, our clients and their citizens.


Complexity is our foe. We endeavor to find the best solution possible with the least amount of complexity.


We work hard to deliver excellence in our products and our service, maximizing our value to those we serve.

What Sets MyGov Apart?

We understand the pain points of agency work — because we were once government employees ourselves. That’s why our services go beyond just software and extend into building long-term relationships. Our primary focus is having people behind the MyGov platform who honestly care about your success, your citizens and relieving your agency’s burdens.

We’re Here To Ease the Burden of Local Government Agencies

By Delivering Care, Simplicity & Quality

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