Wouldn’t it be great if your contractors could apply for, manage, and renew their credentials all online?

MyGov allows your collaborators requiring special qualifications to track their credentials and request renewals — anytime, anywhere. From general contractors to roofers, food handlers to solicitors, these special trade workers can use the MyGov Credential Manager module to easily apply online, pay fees and have their credentials issued automatically.

Auto-notify credential holders when their credential is about to expire, is on hold or has been revoked. This is especially important for any State License, Bond or Worker’s Comp credentials. Plus, MyGov’s Credential Manager software integrates seamlessly with our Permit Module to auto-validate contacts and their ability to submit applications or request inspections.

What can mygov credentialing do for you?

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Our online credential management software streamlines the management of your city’s credentials, allowing your partners to submit, manage and renew credentials without requiring a trip to your office.

Common Types of Credentials

  • General Contractor

  • Architect

  • Solicitor

  • Roofer

  • Food Handler

  • Excavator

  • Pool Manager

  • Sign Installer

  • HVAC

  • Pool Contractor

  • Electrician

  • Surveyor

  • Plumber

  • Engineer

  • Fence Installer

MyGov Credentialing Key Features

What our partners are saying

“Before MyGov, our city lacked software that fit our community’s needs. By implementing the MyGov Permit, Code Enforcement and Credential Manager software, our city is taking control of the growth and activity within the community.”

Athens, GA

Getting the right credential shouldn’t be complicated?

Let MyGov’s Credential Manager software ensure your city or town’s trusted contractors stay up to date on their required qualifications.

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