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Corporate FAQ2022-03-31T19:59:05-05:00


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about myGov

After working with hundreds of local government agencies over the years, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. If there are other questions that we could answer, please contact our sales team, and we’ll get you the information you need.

How do I get started with MyGov?2022-03-30T14:42:05-05:00

Schedule a brief consultation today! We’ll ask a few questions to understand your needs and even provide a free demonstration of MyGov in action so you can see how our powerful and intuitive our solutions can address your city’s needs.

Will I keep having to come back to MyGov for changes or updates?2022-03-20T08:09:47-05:00

No, we have built the MyGov platform so that your city has complete administrative control. This means that as your needs change, you will have access to add or change processes and workflows, manage system users, and create new reports whenever they are needed. And if you ever find the need for more complex changes, MyGov always stands ready to answer your questions with our responsive support team.

How long will it take to get up and running on the MyGov Platform?2022-03-30T14:43:26-05:00

We’ve worked hard over the years to build an onboarding process that offers a very short implementation schedule, so you can start using MyGov as fast as possible. Typical configuration and training lasts around six weeks and can be lengthened or shortened based on your needs.

Can the MyGov Platform grow along with my city?2022-03-20T08:04:15-05:00

Of course! Start with one or a few modules, then select more as your needs grow over time. Best of all, MyGov modules and data are connected, meaning it’s easy to connect new modules with those you have previously purchased.

Our city already works with vendors for account software, GIS and location data, etc. Can the MyGov Platform work with third-party vendors?2022-03-20T08:01:51-05:00

Yes! We’ve built MyGov so that it integrates with a number of partners. Contact us to find out if your vendors are on our supported integration list.

What can the MyGov Platform be used for?2022-03-30T14:44:46-05:00

MyGov is an online Software-as-a-Service solution that provides cities across the country with workflow and collaboration solutions to effectively run their agencies. Whether the need is in Community Development, Building Services, Public Works, Code Enforcement or Business Administration, MyGov provides a complete ecosystem of solutions that are ideally suited for the agencies of cities, large and small.

Can smaller municipalities take advantage of the MyGov Platform?2022-03-20T07:46:02-05:00

Yes! We serve many smaller communities across the country who appreciate the straightforward and all-inclusive pricing, as well as the ability to simply purchase just the modules that make sense for their agencies.

Can the MyGov Platform scale to meet the needs of larger cities?2022-03-20T07:47:42-05:00

Yes! MyGov offers a full suite of solutions to address the needs of communities with large and complex agency requirements.

What about pricing?2022-03-30T14:47:01-05:00

Pricing is easy and straightforward. Annual platform subscriptions are based on your municipality’s population and the MyGov modules selected. That’s it. No user limits, data limits, etc. And you can purchase a single module or multiple depending on your community’s need – ensuring you can customize MyGov to meet your budget.

Do I have to start from scratch?2022-03-30T14:51:41-05:00

No need to make significant changes to your current processes. Each MyGov Platform module is customizable, which means most cities find they can implement their current processes on MyGov with minimal changes.  We make these transitions easy by offering custom data imports as part of your implementation — and you can even import data yourself with our built-in import tools.

We do, however, have years of experience working with municipalities across the United States. As part of your implementation we would be happy to share tips and best practices that we have gathered from other well-run cities like yours for your consideration.

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