Missing out on critical information without an integrated GIS mapping solution?

Say goodbye to hand-drawn maps and endless paper trails. MyGov’s GIS mapping eliminates the hassle of tracking projects and digitizes geographic locations to be shown — all on any mobile device. With this MyGov module, you can quickly analyze, store and manipulate information on a map to visualize patterns and better understand relationships and trends.

Our geographic information system can integrate into other MyGov modules such as Permits, Code Enforcement, Work Orders and Asset Management, allowing you to visualize and better understand information like parcel and asset details. You can even create layers yourself or consume layers from external sources to ensure your mapping data is up-to-date.

So whether you’re a Planning and Zoning Director determining land use or a City Planner looking to introduce new infrastructure, this intuitive mapping tool is essential for uncovering actionable, accurate data.

What can myGov GIS Mapping do for you?

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GIS data mapping provides a wealth of information for agencies and residents who are curious about all aspects of civic life. By using your MyGov GIS mapping system, you can save time, efficiently plan projects, make informed decisions around emergency management, offer enhanced communication between your agency and the public — and more.

Common GIS Mapping Uses

  • Storm Water

  • Signs & Signals

  • Water Distribution

  • Poles

  • City Limits

  • Historic Areas

  • Centerlines

  • Council / Ward

  • Address Points

  • Census Tracts

  • Landmarks

  • Flood Plains

  • Wastewater

  • Parcel

  • Zoning

  • Streets

MyGov GIS Mapping Key Features

What our partners are saying

“To better manage city developments and key locations, Pantego chose to implement the MyGov GIS mapping module. Now, we can use key features like the GIS layers, Asset Locator, Data Visualization and Activity Mapping.”

Pantego, TX

Put your city on the map – digitally.

From crisis management planning to outlining voting districts, the uses for GIS data maps are infinite. Allow MyGov to streamline your community development projects and provide real-time data for informed decision-making.

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