Did you know your city could be owed millions — and be completely unaware of it?

Like many towns or municipalities, you may have a growing list of liens filed over several years. And your agency is faced with the insurmountable challenge of tracking these liens, their outstanding balances and the associated properties.

Together with our Code Enforcement Module, you can use MyGov’s Lien and Collection software to track property and tax liens. If you’re a Code Enforcement Officer or City Clerk, MyGov makes your work easier by auto-populating liens from any abatements performed in Code Enforcement. That way, you’ll always know the current balance owed on a particular property.

And since property cannot be sold or transferred until the past-due tax is paid, you can use our Lien and Collection software to assist realtors and developers to quickly lookup property liens and generate payoff estimates for closings and future payoffs.

What can MyGov Lien & Collection do for you?

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Our Lien and Collection software gives you a modern mechanism to recapture money and see how much money is owed on a specific property. Now, instead of spending hours digging through paper files, you’ll spend minutes reviewing properties and can calculate payoff amounts — instantly.

Common Types of Liens

  • Demolition

  • Lot Cleaning

  • Judgments

  • Mowing

  • Real Property

  • Delinquent Utilities

  • Capital Charges
  • Board & Secure

  • Environmental

  • Property Tax

  • Graffiti

  • Vacant Property

MyGov Lien & Collection Key Features

What our partners are saying

“Having MyGov’s Lien and Collection module allows our city to create custom filing and release documents, view property and tax liens within the city, auto-populate liens from abatements, and much more!”

Sallisaw, OK

Learn how to make lien and collection a breeze.

Stay on top of delinquent utilities and vacant property. MyGov’s Lien and Collection system puts you in control of outstanding fees — and helps keep your city clean.

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