Business License Department Live in One Week

Most government organizations are entering the next normal for their operations. The tension introduced by the pandemic has demanded that Business License professionals rethink their procedures for the current period and the post-pandemic time. For many, the tension has resulted in creative Business License practices that will increase efficiency and effectiveness for years to come.

Continuing to process and approve license applications is fundamental to the safety and financial stability of thriving communities. The pandemic has presented unique challenges for government professionals as they work to maintain business practices while protecting themselves and the customers they serve. Here at MyGov, we understand that you need to learn from the past and implement new solutions to be prepared for the future. In this blog, we lay out the problems you could be facing and a plan to move forward by pivoting your current strategy to take control of the situation.

Below are a few of the common problems government leaders are trying to resolve:

  • You need to have the ability for remote work using an online license system.
  • You need to provide clients a secure business portal, but there is none available.
  • You need to receive applications, but you have no online option.
  • You need to receive supporting documents, but there is not an exchange point.
  • You need to define a custom workflow for task assignments and due dates.
  • You need to interact with colleagues, but there is no common remote platform.
  • You need to take an application, license, and renewal fees online, but you cannot.
  • You need to send receipt details to the accounting software but are not able.
  • You need to schedule and conduct mobile inspections, but no system is available.
  • You need to issue the license document to a secure portal, but that is not an option.
  • You need to auto-notify customers about renewals, but now that is manually done.
  • You need to obtain, store, distribute, and review license details online but cannot.
  • You need to publish license details to a public portal, but no reporting system exists.
  • You need to provide a location activity lookup to the public but cannot.

These challenges are significant, but they are not too great to overcome. MyGov has been helping hundreds of agencies over the past twenty years with cloud-based software solutions. For many of our clients, the pandemic represented minimal disruption in business as they have been working fully online for years. Because of our experience with helping other agencies, we have developed a system to help any Business License Department build a plan for working during the pandemic and the years beyond. We are here to help you implement an online Business License Department in only one week.

In one week we can:

  • Supply your agency with a “Turnkey” Software solution
  • Provide an integrated system for Business License and Credential Management
  • Set-up your custom Collaborator Portal, Public Portal, and Request Manager
  • Get your agency working from a fully web-based and mobile platform
  • Train your team how to operate independently in the MyGov system

If you want to clear the chaos and manage your Business License Department successfully, you need the right tools. With MyGov’s fully-remote software solution, you will be able to:

  • Have an Online Business License Department Live in One Week
  • Provide Customers a Secure Collaborator Portal
  • Receive and Process Online Applications
  • Schedule and Result Inspections Online
  • Receive Payments Online
  • Store Data Centrally and Securely Online
  • Conduct License Reviews with Colleagues Remotely
  • Automatically Generate, Store and Secure Documents Online
  • Publicly Communicate License Details with Citizens
If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current situation, don’t wait to implement a solution that can simplify your work. Our MyGov team is standing by ready to help your agency during this unprecedented time. Schedule a demo with our MyGov Sales team, and they will walk through your current situation and develop a plan to manage your unique situation.


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