Helpful Resources Provided by our Strategic Partners During COVID-19

During a crisis it can be difficult to know where to turn. Between managing your daily tasks to implementing new processes to handle the ever-changing scenarios facing your agency, you might be feeling overwhelmed, especially if you lack the proper resources. Here at MyGov we understand that you need trusted resources to rely on during this unpredictable time. That is why we have compiled a list of the resources our strategic partners are offering to help government agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our strategic partners are working to support you during this time with informative articles, free product versions and much more. Check out the list below for a summary of ways you can receive assistance during this time from trusted companies focused on helping you.



  • Municode offers the only platform capable of seamlessly unifying your agendas, meetings, websites and municipal codes of ordinances for an improved civic experience regardless of the size of your municipality. Municode is currently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering assistance in three areas, including Municipal Code, Public Meetings and Municipal Websites.
  • Municipal Code: If your municipality has adopted legislation dealing with COVID-19 and you need your code hosted online or need professional services related to codification, then Municode is here to help you. Learn more about the Codification Services offered by Municode here.
  • Public Meetings: Agencies across the country are moving to remote work in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, agencies now need a way to manage public meetings remotely. Municode is offering a combination of virtual meeting hosting services and live video streaming to enable both staff and the community to participate in council meetings and town halls. Learn more about implementing a Public Meeting solution here.
  • Municipal Websites: In this time of new and changing information, agencies need a method for keeping citizens updated. With Municode Municipal Websites, you can quickly implement an industry-leading, mobile-friendly website that will keep your community updated on the latest developments related to COVID-19 and agency processes. To learn more about the benefits of a Municipal Website with Municode, click here.


Balancing Act:

  • Balancing Act is an easy-to-use online budget simulation that engages stakeholders to help leaders make tough choices. With Balancing Act, cities can show residents a model of the budget and collect input easily in order to balance their budgets effectively.
  • During the current crisis, Balancing Act is providing an effective tool to conduct a successful budget process while still engaging the public at the highest level possible. Access a free version of the Balancing Act software that includes:
    • 1. One free budget simulation published online
    • 2. Free access to Meeting Mode, the module that allows you to use the simulation in real time
    • 3. Free training on how to use the simulation remotely with services such as Zoom or GoToMeeting
    • 4. Access to a cohort of other local government leaders dealing with the twin challenges of COVID-19 and the likelihood of falling revenues



  • Envisio is the number one strategy software platform used by hundreds of government, education and nonprofit organizations to manage their plans. Envisio’s software helps you to deliver your plans, align staff with strategy and manage the expectations of stakeholders.
  • In response to COVID-19 Envisio is producing helpful, free content to assist local government leaders in processing policy changes occurring now.
  • Envisio knows how important it is to have completely online tools to keep your goals on track during this remote work environment. Enviso is currently offering three online software solutions to meet your agency’s needs.
    • If your agency is in need of a way to deliver plans, manage strategy and track progress, Envisio has a best-in-class strategy execution software.
    • Employ a method to centralize, analyze and visualize performance with the Envisio Performance Analytics platform. With this product your agency can easily align performance measures with strategic priorities and report on progress.
    • Share your strategy for handling agency processes with the community by using the Envisio Strategic Plan Dashboard. With this dashboard you can create a customizable strategic plan dashboard to share with staff, partners, volunteers and your community.



  • GovQA combines trusted tools and security with proven government expertise on a platform you won’t outgrow. GovQA offers a comprehensive Public Records Management System that can work across all state and local government departments and is configured to your agency’s needs.
  • During this time, GovQA is offering a host of resources to help government agencies navigate COVID-19 to include:
    • COVID-19 survey to understand how government agencies across the country are managing public records.
    • Free spreadsheet for organizations not on GovQA to manage increasing requests.
    • Tips for agencies on how to implement work-at-home policies
    • Weekly webinars to address COVID-19 and Public Records Management
    • Process Evaluation Scoresheet to assess the level of automation your agency is currently utilizing.
    • Implement GovQA and gain access to Trending Topics, which will allow your agency to post COVID-19 related information and let requesters automatically follow updates.
    • Curated newsletter to keep you updated on current Public Records News.


Here at MyGov we are proud to be partners with organizations that are focused on serving government agencies during this difficult time. We are here to support you through this unprecedented time. If you have questions about how MyGov or our partners can help you, contact our MyGov Sales Team at or schedule a free consultation.


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