Six Ways Your Work Order System Could be Failing You

If you’re like most cities, there is rarely a shortage of to-do items waiting for you in the morning when you get to work. If you are responsible for completing or assigning work orders within your agency, you know that managing the flow of projects can be daunting. Being entrenched in completing all your assignments can make you miss the warning signs that your work order system is failing to help you. Here at MyGov we have worked with countless cities as they update their work order system. In this blog, we will cover six of the most common pitfalls we hear when agencies are using an out of date work order system.

1. You’re still having morning meetings

We all have those meetings…the ones you dread the day before they actually happen. Maybe for you, that’s the morning assignment meeting for work orders. Often, these meetings can be confusing or take up an unnecessary amount of time. If you are still holding meetings to assign work orders, then your current system may be failing you. With an online work order system, you can say goodbye to the meetings and go straight to working on the highest priority assignments.

2. Agency leaders are still assigning manual work orders

Are leaders at your agency still sorting through all the requests that come into your city for work orders – even the assignments that are repeated regularly? If you are still manually assigning every work order within your city, then your system is not serving you. With an online work order system, you can automate the assignment of tasks and project the workload of your team in advance so you know how to best allocate resources.

3. When you complete your fieldwork, you go back to the agency office to complete paperwork

Don’t you love coming back from a long day out in the field to do paperwork…we didn’t think so. If your work in the field is done, but the paperwork is just beginning, your work order system is lacking. With an online system, like the MyGov Work Order system, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Use fully mobile software to keep track of tasks in real time out in the field. This not only eliminates paper waste in the city but also reduces the time spent on end of day paperwork.

4. You aren’t able to view open work orders for your city on a digital map

Many agencies are still unable to map the location of work order assignments in the city. This provides agency leaders low visibility into what open or planned work order assignments are currently in the city. With an online work order system, you can link to a GIS / Mapping system to digitally see where all work orders are in the city.

5. Linking between asset management and repeatable work orders isn’t possible

Working with hundreds of agencies, we have seen the difficulty that comes with having systems that cannot connect. If your agency isn’t able to link asset management practices to your work order system to manage inventory or schedule maintenance, then your system might be failing you. With quality work order software, you can automatically trigger work orders to be scheduled when assets reach condition limits, have a specific usage history or pass a specified year requirement.

6. Agency members back at the office don’t have a live look at what happens in the field

Are teams out in the field disconnected from managers in the office? If they are, this might be a sign that you need to update your work order system. With an online system like MyGov, you can ensure that at all times managers have visibility to what is happening in the field. With the ability to attach photos, take notes and log city assets used, managers have full transparency to the projects happening in the city. With increased accountability, it can be confirmed that work orders are being completed efficiently.


Does your current work order system fall into one or more of the problem categories we mentioned? If it does, we can help you. We believe that every government agency should have the right tools to complete their work. Schedule a free consultation with our MyGov Sales Team, and we will walk through your current pain points and provide guidance on how you can implement the right solutions to make your work easy.


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