Top 5 Automations:

1. Automate Your Complaints

Make a link from your website to the Citizen Interface where your clients can submit online requests. These requests auto-route and notify the appropriate users. Allow your citizen to check case status or send them custom, automated emails.

2. Automate Your Workflow

Create custom workflows for each case type with unique steps, letters, notification periods, inspectors, managers, etc. Auto-notify your users when work needs to be done using the "To Do" list or auto-email notifications.

3. Automate Your Inspections

Auto-assign inspectors by case type or geographical area. Each inspector can use her inspection list to create inspection routes and print tickets. Or, go paperless and take your laptop or touch-screen to the field.

4. Automate Your Documents

Automatically produce custom notification letters, inspection forms, liens, lien releases, etc. Click one button, and you're ready to print. Auto-save the documents back to the case for future retrieval. You will never have to cut, paste, or mail merge again.

5. Automate Ownership Records

Import address, legal and ownership information from any data source using the import tool. If your data needs cleaning, try the Data Cleaning Tool which auto-cleans the data for you. Use the same tools for updating your records on a continual basis. Get a complete case history by address with a single click.