Top 5 Automations:

1. Automate Your Interest

Add a lien, and the system will automatically add your monthly interest charges, even old liens. The system keeps adding the correct monthly interest based on your interest settings.

2. Automate Your Payoffs

Need the payoff for one lien or 12? How about a future payoff? Get an "Estimated Payoff", including filing charges for one lien or all liens on an address. Print the estimate or email to client.

3. Automate Your Releases

Click and receive an automated lien release for any release type, such as Paid in Full or Sheriff's Sale. Combine releases and print in groups. Releases are stored right back to the lien for history and future retrieval.

4. Automate Your Code Enforcement

Add a lien in the Code Enforcement module and the system will automatically add a lien to Lien Tracker and start tracking interest. Even your lien documents from Code will move to Lien Tracker.

5. Automate Your Understanding

Close the file drawer, and open up Lien Tracker for a complete understanding of your liens. Know outstanding balances, total liens against location, total balance of location, lien transaction history, etc.