Top 5 Collaboration Tools:

1. Contractor Interface

Allow your contractors to work with you online requesting permits, inspections, paying fees, reading and responding to review and inspection notes, uploading needed items, etc. Of course, if you get lonely, you can always make them come to your permit counter.

2. Plan Reviews

Manage plan reviews across departments, buildings and agencies. Collaborate on a single interface where everyone has a transparent view of review notes, status and response times. Email or print an overview of all reviews for interested parties or Development Committees. No more hunting through email, computer files, and manilla folders to find what you need. Just click your mouse and poof! There it is. Every time.

3. Mobile Inspections

Auto-assign inspectors by inspection type or inspection load. Each inspector can use his inspection list to create inspection routes and print tickets. Or, go paperless and take your laptop or touch-screen to the field. Got a smart phone? Use the free mobile interface.

4. License Check

Allow contractors to select subs from your approved list. Keep them from selecting subs with license issues. Stop permit and inspection requests by checking key expiration dates such as state license, local registration, general liability and worker's compensation.

5. Automate Your Workflow

Create custom workflows for each project type with unique steps and sequence, custom fields, subordinate projects and responsible users by step. Auto-notify your users when work needs to be done using the "To Do" list or auto-email notifications.