What is SaaS?

Our software as a service (SaaS) model means that we provide you the software through the Internet. We handle all updates, maintenance, servers and technology. You just login and use it.

Key Benefits

  1. Work from anywhere at any time as long as you have Internet connection.

  2. Work with anyone online, such as citizens, contractors, inspectors, other users, etc.

  3. Reduce costs by not having to buy software, hardware, support or upgrades.

  4. Reduce labor costs by not having to hire staff to run or maintain the system.

  5. Reduce risks by not having to purchase software or sign long-term agreements.

  6. Increase security by shifting monitoring, data back-ups, redundancy and disaster recovery to us.

  7. Increase ROI through rapid deployment, quick user adoption and lower costs.

  8. Look sharp by providing easy, online services to citizens and clients.

Comparison between Traditional Client / Server Software and Software As a Service (SaaS)