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MyGov is a web-based Software-as-a-Service platform used by hundreds of local municipal government agencies across the United States to manage their daily work, collaborate with contractors and other partners, and serve their citizens.

To learn more about our company, its history and vision, please visit our About Us page. Otherwise, read on to learn more about the MyGov Platform and its solution modules.

The MyGov Platform

The MyGov Platform is a complete ecosystem of interconnected modules purpose-built to meet the needs of local government departments such as Community Development and Public Works. Each module can function independently or can work in concert with other modules, sharing data and providing a robust solution tailored to your municipality’s needs.

Every module is highly customizable, allowing the MyGov Platform to easily replicate your existing agency processes and workflows. And as your city’s needs change, MyGov can grow with you by seamlessly adding additional modules to meet your needs now and in the future.

Read on to find out more about each MyGov module and how we can help you better manage your local government agency.

MyGov Platform Solutions

Permits & Inspections

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Our municipal permitting software helps your agency be more productive and better serve your city. From start to finish, customers receive real-time updates about project tasks. And as the government agency, you’ll know exactly how many permits you need to approve and when.

Code Enforcement

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The convenience of digital records, automatic inspections and increased agency capacity are just a few of the benefits of our Code Enforcement module. See how we can empower your government agency to work smarter and ensure the safety of your residents.

Business License

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Our cloud-based Business License module cuts the paper trail and provides a digitized process for key stakeholders, like administrative assistants, reviewers and inspectors.

Work Orders

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With the MyGov Work Order module, government agencies can better manage their work orders, keeping tabs on statuses and making sure the right people are assigned to the right project, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. No more misfiled paperwork or poor communication.

Credential Manager

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Our online credential management software streamlines the management of your city’s credentials, allowing your partners to submit, manage and renew credentials without requiring a trip to your office.

Lien and Collection

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Our Lien and Collection software gives you a modern mechanism to recapture money and see how much money is owed on a specific property. Now, instead of spending hours digging through paper files, you’ll spend minutes reviewing properties and can calculate payoff amounts — instantly.

GIS Mapping

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GIS data mapping provides a wealth of information for agencies and residents who are curious about all aspects of civic life. With the MyGov GIS Mapping Module, you can save time, efficiently plan projects, make informed decisions around emergency management, offer enhanced communication between your agency and the public — and more.

Electronic Plan Review

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Manage your plan reviews as part of your online permitting process and keep all parties in the know. Now, everyone can review plans in real-time, provide measurements and markups, apply personal endorsements and compare previous versions — 24/7.

Asset Management

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Forget about manually tracking orders and keeping track of routine maintenance schedules. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our digital asset tracking delivers accurate data and constant updates — right at your fingertips. So, you can make informed decisions that save your agency time and money.

Collaborator Portal

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With the MyGov Collaborator Portal, your contractors can search addresses, view available project applications, estimate fees, download reports and much more.

Request Manager

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Easily engage with your citizens using the MyGov Request Manager, their online portal for working with your city. Field citizens’ queries and provide status updates, all within a dedicated and easy-to-use web portal.

Public Portal

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With the MyGov Public Portal, your citizens can search addresses, view available project applications, estimate fees, download reports, obtain a login to our Collaborator Portal and much more.

MyGov University

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MyGov University is our online training solution that makes learning the MyGov Platform easy and fun.  MyGov U’s engaging video-enabled courses train your staff on all the ins-and-outs of MyGov, while learning at their own pace. This is a great solution for keeping your current staff proficient, as well as easily onboarding new team members.

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