Chickasha, Oklahoma

How One Oklahoma City Transformed Its Workflow Using MyGov

About Chickasha

With a population of nearly 17,000, Chickasha, OK is situated just 40 miles south of the Oklahoma City metro area. Home to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha attracts visitors from across the state to attend the city’s many festivals and entertainment opportunities.

The Challenge

The city of Chickasha was in the market for a new, full-service government solution that would improve their city’s processes and performance. They wanted to implement a fully online permitting system, as well as a way to streamline workflow. Prior to partnering with MyGov, Chickasha lacked:

  • Customizable software systems
  • Integrated modules
  • Custom reporting features

The Facts

80% of local governments believe software promises much needed savings and less manual labor for their employees.

Local governments across the country are realizing that automation provides a much needed boost in efficiency and revenue.

76% of cities surveyed say their government will adopt more software to streamline public services following COVID-19.

The Solutions

Credential Manager

Credential Manager

The perfect companion to Permits and Licensing to automate online credential applications and renewals.

Permits & Inspections

Built from scratch, online software with just what a Permit Pro needs to automate everything.

Electronic Plan Review


Full automation of electronic plan submittals, reviews, markups and stamps seamlessly integrated with Permits.

GIS Mapping

Your online, global mapping tool integrated with ArcServer and all modules using location-based projects.

The Results

After partnering with MyGov, Chickasha has gained access to numerous, integrable modules that will streamline workflow and make day-to-day operations easier and more efficient. Having these modules has allowed them to unlock features that will increase productivity within their agency, encourage connections and deepen communication between the city and its citizens.

With MyGov, their team can now collect and analyze data, automate systems, control processes and enforce regulations — all in one place. Chickasha has implemented the following MyGov modules to help their agencies simplify operations and better serve their citizens.

Why Does MyGov Work?

Easy. MyGov acts as your true partner. We help you track, manage and automate your agency’s essential activities — wherever you are. Our primary focus is having people behind the platform who honestly care about your success, your citizens and relieving your agency’s burdens. If you’re like the city of Chickasha and wish to experience the benefits of a tailored software package, get in touch with our MyGov experts.

Discover the benefit of having a tailored agency solution

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