For true automation, some features are just required.

Check out some of the global features that are included:

Site Settings

As the Site Pro, you have full control over the departments and the modules which they can see, use or manage.

Module Administration

As the Module Administrator, you have operational control of all module behaviors for your departments.

Import Tools

Have old data to import? Use the built-in import tools to import your old data into any module.


Auto-export your receipt data into your accounting software or your citation data into your court application.

Billing Manager

As the Billing Manager, you can see and manage all invoices and receipts, including billing reports and exports.

User Manager

As the User Manager, you can add, edit and control all other user accounts.

Contact Manager

As the Contact Manager, you can manage all contact accounts and collaborators.

Location Manager

As the Location Manager, you can manage all location information or auto-update from external sources, including ArcServer.

Fields & Fees Manager

As the Fields & Fees Manager, you can control all fields, fees and range tables for your respective departments.

Knowledge Manager

Build a common knowledge repository for use in notes, corrections and applications.

Correction Manager

Build a corrections repository with code references and links for use in checklists.

Global Notifications

Get global desktop or email reminders of anything due or past due.

Support Tickets

Post questions on the built-in ticketing system with the phenomenal response time of under four minutes.

Help Desk

Read contextual help for quick reference with links to the fully searchable help desk.

MyGov University

Easily train new users and administrators with a complete video training library.