Automate Your Reviews and Inspections

Introducing MyGov’s new Digital Codes Module

You’re a Development Pro, making sure your city is safe by ensuring code adherence. Problem is, your codebooks are outside your software, but not anymore!

Full Integration

Your inspections and reviews are now fully integrated with your ICC codebooks. Easily select which codebooks you need, change your mind at any time, and even upgrade from one Codebook year to another.

Embedded Viewer

The intuitive codebook viewer allows you to easily switch between codebooks, search, filter, copy sub-items, print, and even view two different codebooks or sections side-by-side.

Sub-Items as Correction Items

Quickly create inspection and review checklists and correction items from any codebook sub-item. When you upgrade to a new year, your checklists will stay intact, rendering the new codebook text.

The Digital Codes module further automates your workload by fully integrating ICC codebooks into inspections and reviews and simplifying the process of updating to a new codebook year. With Digital Codes, you can cross one more thing off your to-do list.

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Code Enforcement

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Why choose MyGov?

As former public servants ourselves, we understand the challenges you face — from limited resources and tight budgets to outdated processes and systems that don’t talk to each other. It’s why we created MyGov. Our complete ecosystem of affordable solutions makes serving your community easier by consolidating and streamlining everyday functions like code enforcement, permitting billing and much, much more.

Beyond our core modules, we offer a number of modules designed to make local government more efficient, including:

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