Crandall, Texas

City in Texas Finds Better Ways to Maintain Public Spaces & Ensure Community Health with MyGov

About Crandall

Situated just 24 miles outside of Dallas, Crandall boasts a growing population of almost 4,000 people. The city continues to be a great place to call home, offering close proximity to metro Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Challenge

The City of Crandall had an acute need for a way to manage existing processes in a more efficient manner, especially at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government agency recognized a need for automations and software, but more importantly, a need for a solution that fit their current systems. Prior to partnering with MyGov, Crandall lacked:

  • Customizable workflows
  • Integrated modules
  • Custom reporting features

The Facts

80% of local governments believe software promises much needed savings and less manual labor for their employees.

Local governments across the country are realizing that automation provides a much needed boost in efficiency and revenue.

76% of cities surveyed say their government will adopt more software to streamline public services following COVID-19.

The Solutions

Document Manager

Auto-creates custom documents for Code Enforcement and inserts dates, information fields, fees, notes and photos.

Workflow Manager

Creates templates for processes with custom steps, due dates, requirements and checklists.

Photo Upload

Attaches photos from a desktop or uses a mobile device webcam to take pictures within Code Enforcement cases.

Mobile Inspections

Allows the team to finish Code Enforcement work in the field and view all cases, violations, documents and plans from a device.

Report Generator

Use templates to create custom report to distribute MyGov data.

Location Manager

Holds the parcel activity, contacts and details and automatically updates from an assessor or GIS dataset.

The Results

After implementing the MyGov Code Enforcement and Request Manager modules, the city is taking steps to serve its community in a better capacity — and work safely. Having these two modules has allowed them to unlock features that will increase productivity, foster connections and encourage collaboration between the agency and its citizens.

Their team can now complete code enforcement cases and track citizen requests — in one easy place. And with the integrated MyGov modules, the agency has 10 built-in software features that will continue to save valuable time and resources.

Why Does MyGov Work?

Easy. MyGov acts as your true partner. We help you track, manage and automate your agency’s essential activities — wherever you are. Our primary focus is having people behind the platform who honestly care about your success, your citizens and relieving your agency’s burdens.

If you’re like the city of Crandall and wish to experience the benefits of a tailored software package, get in touch with our MyGov experts.

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