Fort Morgan, Colorado

How a Colorado City Revamped Its Entire Permitting Process

About Fort Morgan

Located 80 miles northeast of the Denver metro area is the charming city of Fort Morgan. With a growing population of about 12,000, the local economy consists mainly of agriculture practices. A thriving business environment, easy access to the Denver area, and proximity to the Rocky Mountains make Fort Morgan a great place to live and work.

The Challenge

Recently, Fort Morgan agency leaders concluded that their permitting processes were holding them back. At the time, the city was using manual systems that couldn’t keep up with the demands of its citizens. Additionally, their processes had no online accessibility. The agency leaders had a specific vision for Fort Morgan, and their outdated systems were keeping the city from reaching its full potential. Before partnering with MyGov, Fort Morgan lacked:

  • Fully online software system
  • Connected systems to maximize efficiency and information sharing
  • Electronic planning

The Facts

80% of local governments believe software promises much needed savings and less manual labor for their employees.

Local governments across the country are realizing that automation provides a much needed boost in efficiency and revenue.

76% of cities surveyed say their government will adopt more software to streamline public services following COVID-19.

The Solutions

Permits & Inspections

Built from scratch, online software with just what a Permit Pro needs to automate everything.

Electronic Plan Review


Full automation of electronic plan submittals, reviews, markups and stamps seamlessly integrated with Permits.

Credential Manager

Credential Manager

The perfect companion to Permits and Licensing to automate online credential applications and renewals.

The Results

In its search for a streamlined, online system that could keep up with its growth, Fort Morgan partnered with MyGov to address its challenges. The experts at MyGov sat down with agency leaders to better understand what the city’s current systems were lacking, and more importantly, what was needed to modernize their operations. With its suite of integrable modules, the team at MyGov was able to deliver a customized software experience to handle their Permitting, Electronic Plan Review and Credential Management needs. These customized modules enabled the agency to increase productivity, encourage connection and collaboration between departments, and deepen communication between the city and its citizens.

With MyGov, the Fort Morgan team can now track credentials, automate systems, control processes and review plans—all in one place. By implementing MyGov’s connected modules, the city of Fort Morgan has realized savings in both time and money—freeing agency leaders to focus on goals, growth and more. With MyGov as their partner, the city can control processes from an integrated system, allowing more interaction between the city and its citizens.

Why Does MyGov Work?

Easy. MyGov acts as your true partner. We help you track, manage and automate your agency’s essential activities wherever you are. Our primary focus is having people behind the platform who honestly care about your success, your citizens and relieving your agency’s burdens—so you can focus on what matters.

If you’re like the city of Fort Morgan and wish to experience the benefits of a tailored software package, get in touch with one of our MyGov experts today. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about the challenges you face and provide detailed information on how MyGov can help.

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