Wondering if there is a better way to manage your violation backlog?

Every week, your municipality can receive complaints about all kinds of code violations: from tall grass to trash and debris to junk vehicles. But how can you monitor every concern and inform the proper city staff?

Simple. Do it all with MyGov. Our Request Manager allows personnel or citizens to file complaints, while our Code Enforcement software instantly tracks violations, inspections, citations — and even allows you to easily create the appropriate code enforcement documents from your existing templates. So your citizens can easily report issues, and officers can quickly collect evidence to resolve the problem.

What can MyGov Code Enforcement do for you?

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The convenience of digital records, automatic inspections and increased agency capacity are just a few of the benefits of our Code Enforcement module. See how we can empower your government agency to work smarter and ensure the safety of your residents.

Common Code Violations

  • Tall Grass

  • Junk Vehicles

  • Illegal Occupation

  • Vacant Structures

  • Noise

  • Graffiti

  • Zoning

  • Trash and Debris

  • Unsafe Structures

  • Weed Lots

  • Illegal Construction

  • Prohibited Animals

  • Dumping

  • Dilapidated Fencing

  • Illegal Signs

  • Inoperable Vehicles

MyGov Code Enforcement Key Features

What our partners are saying

“Our previous software did not meet the department’s needs related to caseload and organization of information. MyGov streamlined the process for code enforcement and building permits by giving us a comprehensive way to track cases, permits and inspections.”

Cibolo, TX

Our code compliance software is the game changer your agency needs.

Don’t wait for paperwork to pile up and residents to line up outside your office. Let MyGov centralize violations and urgent concerns while keeping city officials on top of repairs and other important actions.

Talk with a MyGov expert today and learn how you can transform your Code Enforcement department.

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