Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do?

We provide simple, affordable, web-based software for government agencies with easy access for their citizens and contractors.

How does this work?

You subscribe to the modules you want. You access the modules by logging in through a web browser. You can add or remove modules at your discretion.

Will my data be safe?

You bet. See our Security Information for more details.

Do you backup our data?

Everyday. See our Security Information for more details.

Can we download our data

Your Site Administrator can download a backup of your data at anytime.

Do you offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Absolutely. See our Service Level Agreement for more details.

Is support included?

Yes, and it is extremely fast and located in the U.S. See our Support Policy for details.

How much does it cost?

You'll have to call us about this one, but it starts at $250 per month per module.

What's included?

Your subscription includes support, maintenance and updates. See our SAAS page for more details.

How do we see the software?

To see a demo, complete the Request Demo page.