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At MyGov, we’re committed to continuously enhancing our software to meet the needs of our users. Today, we’re excited to introduce three powerful new features that will streamline your workflows and improve your overall experience. Let’s dive into these features: the Mass Permissions Tool, Mass Fee Export, and the Print Option for Support Tickets.

Mass Permissions Tool

One of the most requested features by our users is the ability to manage permissions in bulk. The new mass Permissions tool in the Module Administration section addresses this need comprehensively. Here’s how it works:

Setting Permissions in Bulk

In the Business License Module, navigate to Module Administration, where you’ll find the Permissions Tool. This feature allows Module Administrators to set permissions in bulk for various roles such as managers, inspectors, and users involved in conducting repeat inspections and are responsible for sending out mail notices. This Permissions tool is available in most MyGov modules, however each module will display options specific to its functionality, ensuring a tailored experience.

Key Actions:

  • Reassign Permissions: Choose to add, remove, or reassign users to particular templates.
    • Add Users: Select a template displayed by categories, click on ‘Add Users,’ choose the individuals, and they will be added to the existing managers.
    • Remove Inspectors: Easily remove multiple inspectors by selecting the relevant inspections and choosing the remove option.
    • Step Permissions: Customize permissions for each step in a project by selecting one of many options, including adding responsible users and backups, removing users, or reassigning users where applicable. You even have the ability to select toggling preferences for licensed managers if needed.
  • Mail Notices: Reassign, add, or remove users who manage mail notices, ensuring the right people are always in charge.

Note: Changes to step permissions in Module Admin will apply to existing projects as long as the step has not been activated yet. For steps that are already assigned, updates will not overwrite current assignments.

Exporting Fees in Mass

Managing fees just became easier with our new feature that allows you to export fees in bulk. Here’s how you can utilize this tool:

Steps to Export Fees

  1. Navigate to Fees: Go to the All Features tool, select Fields and Fees Manager, and then choose Fees from the sidebar.
  2. Select Fees: You can select individual fees or multiple fees simultaneously.
  3. Export Option: Click on the export option, choose your preferred file format (PDF), select whether to export only the selected records, generate the file, and then download it.

This feature is designed to save you time and ensure you can manage financial data more efficiently.

Print Option for Support Tickets

Listening to user feedback, we’ve added a print option for support tickets. This feature allows you to easily print details of any support ticket, enhancing your documentation process.

How to Print Support Tickets

  • Access Support Tickets: Go to All Features, select Support Tickets.
    1. Select Ticket: Click on any status and select the Ticket ID.
  • Print Option: Choose the print option to download the ticket details as a PDF.

This addition is particularly beneficial for users who need hard copies of support ticket information for record-keeping or reporting purposes.

MyGov: Continuously Improving

These new features—Mass Permissions Tool, Mass Fee Export, and the Print Option for Support Tickets—are designed to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of MyGov’s government software. We believe these improvements will significantly simplify your administrative tasks and improve your overall workflow.

At MyGov, we are dedicated to listening to our users and implementing changes that make your work easier and more efficient. We look forward to seeing how these new tools will benefit you. As always, feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions or feedback!

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