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We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you! We’ve rolled out a significant enhancement to our Code Enforcement module, which also extends to our Permits and Inspections and Business License modules. Our new feature brings advanced filters for checklists, correction items, and violations, all designed to streamline your workflow and make your experience smoother.

Enhanced Filtering Capabilities

In the past, our filter system had a bit of a quirk: when you turned off certain filters, like comments, they’d vanish from the interface. This often caused confusion, as it wasn’t clear that a filter existed but was just unselected.

With our latest update, filter counts remain visible whether they’re on or off. If you disable a filter, it now shows up as disabled rather than disappearing entirely. This way, you’ll always know which filters are available and can easily switch them on when you need them.

User-Specific Filters

One of the best parts of this update is that filters are now user-specific for each module. Here’s how it works:

  • Permits and Inspections Module: When you select a project, you’ll find the new filtering feature in the Correction Items tab. You can filter comments and notes by selecting or deselecting the relevant items. Additionally, within an actual step, the Checklists tab offers the same display, allowing you to customize your filter settings.
  • Business License Module: The filtering functionality is similar to the Permits and Inspections module, ensuring a consistent experience across both platforms.
  • Code Enforcement Module: To access the new filters, open a created case and navigate to the Violations tab. The display here is the same as in the other modules, providing a seamless transition between different types of cases and projects.

Consistency and Customization

Our new filtering system is designed to remember your preferences. If you prefer to keep certain filters, like comments, turned off, these settings will stick across all your checklists within a module. This per-module, per-user customization means your settings are always saved, giving you a personalized experience that suits your workflow.

However, it’s worth noting that this feature doesn’t apply to the collaborator interface. If a collaborator turns off any filters, they will reset to default the next time they access the module.

How to Use the New Filters

Permits and Inspections Module:

  1. Select a project and go to the Correction Items tab.
  2. Use the filter display to select or deselect items like comments and notes.
  3. Within an actual step, navigate to the Checklists tab and adjust the filters as needed.

Business License Module:

  • Follow the same steps as in the Permits and Inspections module to use the filtering features.

Code Enforcement Module:

  1. Open a case and go to the Violations tab.
  2. Adjust the filters using the same display interface.

We’re confident these enhancements will make your experience better, making it easier to manage projects and cases across our platform. Give the new filtering feature a try today and enjoy a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

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