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A Growing County with Unique Needs

Williams County, North Dakota, is booming with a population of over 38,000 and growing fast. Nestled in the northwestern part of the state and organized back in December 1891, this county is a vibrant mix of agriculture, oil, and tourism. With Williston as the county seat, right by the Missouri River, it’s a place full of potential and activity.

The Challenges of Outdated Software

However, as Williams County grew, so did its need for a more flexible and efficient software system. The old software just wasn’t cutting it—it required vendor assistance for every little tweak, which slowed everything down. Doug Lalim, a Building Official for the county, shared how frustrating it was not to have control over their system and to deal with unresponsive support.

Embracing MyGov for Better Control

Enter MyGov. Williams County chose MyGov’s Permit and Electronic Plan Review modules to take control of their processes. The Permit module helps streamline workflow management, generate reports, keep track of checklists, and even handle mobile inspections. The Electronic Plan Review module makes it easy to version and overlay plans, add stamps and signatures, collaborate on reviews, and submit plans online.

With MyGov, Williams County is able to access information faster and manage plan reviews and permits more efficiently.

MyGov’s Commitment to Excellent Communities

At MyGov, we’re all about building excellent communities and ensuring safe buildings. We believe that government agencies deserve software that makes their jobs easier. We’re committed to helping Williams County achieve their goals with our Permit and Electronic Plan Review modules.

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