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We get it – juggling material and equipment usage, tracking orders, and keeping inventory in check can feel like a never-ending battle. MyGov will be your new best friend in the world of seamless asset management. Our features can turn your asset management difficulties into a walk in the park.

Material and Equipment Usage:

Imagine a world where your inventory updates itself as you work – that’s the magic of MyGov’s Work Orders module. It not only auto-updates material usage on the job but also keeps tabs on equipment usage. The result? Your Asset Manager becomes your trusty sidekick, sending auto-prompts for material orders and equipment maintenance like clockwork.

Order Tracking and Inventory Management:

Keeping track of orders and managing inventory doesn’t have to be a headache. MyGov lets you set triggers for reordering low inventory, making the process as easy as setting your morning alarm. When inventory hits the threshold, auto-prompts and a to-do list magically appear, making order management a breeze. And who can forget the favorite vendor tool? Your orders, your way.

Balancing Inventory Effortlessly:

We’ve all been there – the eternal struggle of balancing electronic records with actual inventory. MyGov’s got your back with a built-in cycle count tool. It’s like having a personal assistant that reminds you to count specific areas at set intervals. Correcting counts on the fly is a piece of cake, and the UPC labeling and lookup tool? It’s a game-changer.

Meeting Maintenance Deadlines:

Missing maintenance deadlines? Not on MyGov’s watch! Define your maintenance criteria – be it time, hour meter, or odometer readings. MyGov’s automation tools take care of the rest, auto-triggering maintenance jobs in the Work Order module. Say goodbye to those nagging worries about deadlines slipping through the cracks.

Efficient Infrastructure Location:

Lost in a sea of old paper maps and vague directions? MyGov’s got your location covered. Displaying infrastructure on a map alongside you, it ensures you know exactly where to find it. Whether it’s pulling data from your existing GIS or creating a map with the GIS Mapping module – consider it your treasure map to buried infrastructure.

The charm of MyGov’s personalized touch is not just a feature; it’s a promise. From auto-prompts and to-do lists that simplify your workload to favorite vendor tools that cater to your preferences, MyGov tailors the asset management experience to your unique needs. It’s not just a system; it’s your ally in making asset management an enjoyable, efficient endeavor. Speak with a MyGov expert today at

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