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The hard work of professionals like you shapes cities into safe, clean, lively spaces. As someone dedicated to community development, your job demands efficiency, accuracy, and seamless teamwork across different roles.

MyGov’s Commitment to Municipalities

MyGov’s commitment to municipalities like yours shines through in our Community Development Suite—a software designed specifically for key municipal employees. This suite aims to streamline tasks and boost productivity, catering to various roles and offering tailored support for each professional’s daily responsibilities.

Tailored Support for Key Municipal Roles

Whether you’re overseeing compliance as a Building Official, meticulously reviewing blueprints as a Plans Reviewer, or managing essential services as a Public Works Manager, MyGov’s suite provides finely-tuned tools for your needs.

Building Officials benefit from simplified administrative tasks, like reporting data, generating documents, and tracking reviews, ensuring smooth compliance with regulations, from permits to code adherence. Permit Clerks and Technicians effortlessly handle applications and track progress using user-friendly tools like our Collaborator and Public Portals.

Code Officers can easily ensure compliance with municipal codes and standards thanks to tools designed to prepare documents, update owners, and manage case deadlines. City Clerks efficiently handle records and citizen interactions with our intuitive suite. Our Request Manager streamlines requests for open records, code complaints, and more.

Our suite simplifies lien management processes for Lien Officers, such as preparing documents, tracking amounts due, and reporting data. It empowers GIS Managers with practical tools for accurate mapping and analysis using geospatial data. Asset Managers efficiently track and manage municipal assets with specialized solutions that track usage, balance inventory, and manage maintenance deadlines.

MyGov: Your Reliable Partner in Municipal Development

At MyGov, we aim to revolutionize municipal software by crafting a suite that embodies cohesion, functionality, and user-centric design. We prioritize user perspectives and constantly evolve based on customer feedback, aiming to refine our software daily for an unparalleled user experience.

So, in the face of municipal development challenges, MyGov stands as your reliable partner, empowering your efforts and contributing to creating safer, cleaner, and more liveable communities. If you’re ready to see how MyGov can benefit your agency, reach out to a MyGov expert today.

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