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As a Permit Pro, you’re the backbone of your city’s development, but with endless reviews, inspections, and questions, it can feel overwhelming. What if you could lighten the load without adding more team members? MyGov is here to help. MyGov is your solution for automating the permit process and managing your workload efficiently.

Tired of Answering Endless Questions?

Do you feel like every contractor has you on speed dial?

Solution: MyGov’s Collaborator Portal gives contractors all the info they need, with instant notifications for inspections, permits, and fees. No more constant calls!

Sick of Sending Reports?

Compiling and distributing reports takes up a lot of your time.

Solution: MyGov’s Report Builder lets you set up custom reports that run and distribute automatically. Save time and keep everyone informed effortlessly.

Address Info Giving You a Headache?

Ensuring accurate address, owner, and legal descriptions is tedious.

Solution: MyGov updates this information automatically from your chosen source, so you don’t have to.

Frustrated with Document Creation?

Manually creating permits and COs is a pain.

Solution: MyGov generates and distributes key documents automatically, based on your workflow preferences.

Struggling with Plan Reviews and Resubmittals?

Tracking piecemeal resubmittals is a nightmare.

Solution: MyGov’s Electronic Plan Review ensures all required sheets are submitted together, making tracking and reviewing a breeze.

Overwhelmed with Inspections?

Fitting more inspections into less time is tough.

Solution: MyGov automates the entire inspection process, from requests to results, scheduling, and routing. Handle inspections efficiently, even with a limited team.

With MyGov, you can automate repetitive tasks, streamline communication, and manage your workload more effectively. Transform your permit process from overwhelmed to optimized with MyGov.

Ready to lighten your load?

Discover how MyGov can help you today and make your job as a Permit Pro easier and more efficient. Reach out and talk to a MyGov expert today!

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