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Plan reviews within government agencies, along with coordination among reviewers and applicants, is often a complex endeavor that demands precision, collaboration, and strategic alignment to ensure progression of projects. The reliance on paper plans and the challenges of version control can turn this process into a cumbersome routine. Enter MyGov—the electronic plan review module designed to transform this issue into a seamless process. Let’s explore how MyGov is changing the game and making plan reviews more efficient and collaborative.

Transparent Collaboration and Review Tracking:
When multiple reviewers dive into the same set of plans, confusion can easily ensue. MyGov brings clarity to the process by ensuring that all reviews take place on the same electronic plan sheets. MyGov segments and tracks reviews by user or review type to prevent collaboration confusion during plan assessments. This method assigns specific sections to each reviewer, ensuring clear responsibilities. It also streamlines monitoring of different review types, enhancing efficiency.

Ultimately, this approach reduces errors and fosters precise evaluations within the collaborative framework of plan assessments. Reviewers and applicants can effortlessly track the status, markups, corrections, and even the location of the plan set. This transparency facilitates smoother communication and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the review cycle.

MyGov offers a range of tools to enhance the reviewing experience. Reviewers can add markups and corrections, choosing to view or hide inputs from others as needed. The “Overlay” tool allows for a clear visual comparison of revised plan sheets, making differences easily identifiable in vibrant red. For large plan sets, the mass action tool simplifies tasks like changing status, reassigning reviewers, and applying stamps or signatures, ensuring a smooth and efficient review process.

Efficient Correction Management

MyGov takes the headache out of correction management. Once all reviewers complete their assessments, the system automatically generates a comprehensive list of correction items for the applicant. This, coupled with a link to the plan sheets, streamlines the resubmission process. The responsible reviewers are promptly notified, initiating the next review cycle. Checklists within MyGov allow common corrections to be easily pinned to specific plan sheets, expediting the correction process and reducing redundancy.

Accessible and Portable Approved Plan Sets

MyGov’s Electronic Plan Review module ensures that approved plan sets are accessible to all relevant stakeholders. Developers, contractors, architects, engineers, and agency staff can view approved plans online, even on tablets. This eliminates the need to shuffle through paper plan sets, offering a portable and convenient solution for project participants to stay informed and engaged.

Paper plan sets can be a logistical nightmare, especially as they accumulate over time. MyGov simplifies the process by organizing all related electronic plan sheets within the project. No more struggling to find stored plans—simply open the project, and all the relevant electronic plan sheets are readily available for review, ensuring a hassle-free and organized experience.

Moving Forward

MyGov’s Electronic Plan Review module isn’t just a technological upgrade; it’s a revolution in how government agencies approach plan reviews. By fostering transparency, efficiency, and collaboration, MyGov is not only streamlining the review process but also elevating the experience for reviewers, and applicants alike. If you’re ready to see how MyGov’s Electronic Plan Review can benefit your agency, reach out to a MyGov expert today at

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