In our digital-first world, permitting software is a necessity.

That’s why MyGov makes it easy for government agencies across the country to issue and manage permits and inspections — simplifying the process for you, your citizens and contractors.

With MyGov, there’s no need for customers to call or visit your office. Because they can submit an application, pay fees, download a permit and request inspections — entirely online. Not only that, MyGov’s government permitting software gives your staff the ability to quickly and easily approve permit applications from the office or the field. Whether it’s requesting electrical wiring permits for a new residence or elevator permits in a commercial space, MyGov streamlines your permitting processes, giving you time back to focus on what matters.

What can MyGov Permits and Inspection do for you?

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Our municipal permitting software helps your agency be more productive and better serve your city. From start to finish, customers receive real-time updates about project tasks. And as the government agency, you’ll know exactly how many permits you need to approve and when.

Common Types of Permits

  • Building Permits

  • Demolition Permits

  • Electrical Permits

  • Elevator Permits

  • Fence / Retaining Walls

  • Floodplain Development

  • Mechanical Permits

  • Mobile Home Permits

  • Plumbing Permits

  • Roofing Permits

  • Excavation Permits

  • Occupancy Permits

  • Fire System Permits

  • Driveway Permits

  • Special Event Permits

MyGov Permitting Key Features

What our partners are saying

“Before MyGov, we were using an inefficient software platform to perform permitting and code enforcement. The software did not allow us to share data or route specific tasks. Now, we feel we have a large burden lifted, allowing us to perform our duties.”

Dyersburg, TN

Ready to rethink your permitting process?

We’re here to elevate or enhance your current permitting systems. Whether you’re using permitting software for the first time or searching for a replacement solution, MyGov can help.

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