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In the dynamic world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), keeping your maps up-to-date is essential to meet the high expectations of your clients and co-workers. But let’s be honest, not all applications play nicely with your internal GIS. That’s where MyGov comes in, making your GIS experience a whole lot friendlier and easier to use.

Seamless Data Integration

MyGov makes the integration process a breeze. With MyGov, you can effortlessly connect your ArcServer data to layers within the embedded MyGov GIS, ensuring that your maps are always fresh with the latest info. You have the power to decide when the data should refresh automatically. You’re in control – like you should be!

Effortless Field Data Collection

The MyGov GIS Mapping Tool allows you to collect field data effortlessly using any mobile device with an internet connection. No more hassle or outdated methods for data collection. With MyGov, you can create custom GIS layers and fields that suit your specific needs and even share them with other departments for collaborative data collection.

Sharing Maps Made Simple

Not every GIS software package is user-friendly when it comes to sharing maps with the general public, but MyGov GIS is here to change that. MyGov offers a Public Portal that’s easy to use, making it a cinch to share any map with your intended audience. What’s even more amazing is that MyGov enables you to create custom reports that update data maps automatically for public viewing.

Whether you’re monitoring monthly violations, tracking new home construction, or keeping an eye on pothole repairs, MyGov ensures that your maps are always current and readily accessible to the public. MyGov GIS is your trusty sidekick in the world of GIS.

Next Steps

Ready to empower your government agency and make a positive impact on your community? Embrace the power of GIS mapping software with MyGov. MyGov’s GIS mapping software will help your agency unlock a more efficient and connected future. Visit to learn more.

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