Why eLearning is Becoming The Standard

Recently, our team shared a blog on why eLearning is replacing traditional learning methods across many different agencies. Especially in light of the global pandemic, the interest in pursuing eLearning opportunities has increased significantly. In the same way that this has been helpful for classrooms across the country, eLearning is steadily transforming the way government agencies grow and operate as well. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why eLearning is becoming the standard mode of on-the-job training for government agency employees.

First, there is a tremendous benefit to having digital learning content. As long as an employee has a device that can connect to the internet, they will have everything they need to begin. Digital content also means that the employee will be able to access the eLearning content at any time. Even if it has been several months since they last learned about a particular topic, employees should be able to refresh their memory of that content whenever needed.

Secondly, eLearning provides opportunities for personalized learning. There are a wide variety of roles within the government agency sphere. It is important that each member of the team understands their role to the best of their ability. That is precisely why learning content should be tailored to specific needs, instead of generally addressing all roles. Individualized learning will help employees confirm that they are applying best practices in their line of work.

Thirdly, eLearning can truly be thought of as “anytime and anywhere”. Employees no longer need to worry if they cannot attend a training session scheduled for a particular time. Instead, they can simply access the same content when they have availability. Additionally, digital content usually saves the employee’s place as they progress through their training. If an employee has an urgent matter to attend to in the middle of their training, they can pause their place in the course to return later. The ability to start, pause and stop eLearning at the learners’ convenience is a huge benefit to many government employees who have many tasks set before them each day.

Lastly, eLearning encourages learning accountability. In many cases, it is difficult to assess whether employees have truly gained sufficient knowledge through traditional learning methods. With eLearning, that learning can be assessed and measured through set metrics. This is especially helpful for supervisors who may need to confirm that all employees participated in necessary training sessions throughout the year.

At MyGov, we understand the importance of offering useful learning tools to help your agency successfully use our software. This is why we launched our eLearning platform, MyGov University. Through MyGov University, we created short, online courses that can be taken anytime and anywhere. Learners can receive instruction at their convenience and watch short videos to understand best practices within each of our modules.

If you would like to learn more about how your agency can utilize the eLearning platform, MyGov University, reach out to our Training team today.



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