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With unmatched hospitality and a community that is flourishing, Springville, Alabama is a one of a kind city. Officially formed in 1877, Springville has stayed true to developing a unique environment that allows community members to enjoy all the benefits of living in a small town community while being situated outside of the Birmingham metropolitan area.

If you work in a local government agency, you know the struggle of storing information without adequate software. This is the struggle that Maranda Nolen, the City of Springville’s Building Department Manager and Planning and Zoning Director, faced before implementing a complete software package. Before MyGov, Nolen stated that the agency “handled all requests with in-office paper documents” and stated that “[the agency] could not take credit card payments.” These factors complicated their city’s processes and created unnecessary clutter from paper documents.

Now, the city is taking great strides to create workflows and processes that fit their agency and community needs. When asked what the city of Springville hopes to accomplish with MyGov, Nolen stated that she hopes the city will have “more organized procedures, more thoroughly handled processes, and better files.” And, with the MyGov Permits, Code Enforcement and Request Manager modules the city is on its way to gaining that success.

With the Permit module the City of Springville has access to best-in-class features including:

  • Online Payments
  • Mobile Inspections
  • Alerts and Notices
  • Fields and Fees Manager
  • Collaborator Portal
  • Checklists

By incorporating the Code Enforcement module into the city’s processes, the agency has a streamlined way to work with a variety of case types in one central location with access to features that include:

  • Document Manager
  • Photo Upload
  • Location Manager
  • Custom Violation Lists
  • Report Generator
  • Workflow Manager

And, with the Request Manager module the city has access to a fully integratable citizen 311 service to manage community member requests. The key features of the module include:

  • Fully Mobile Management System
  • Ability to Assign and Escalate Requests
  • Custom Report Generator
  • Uniquely Designed Public Portal
  • Integrations Tailored to Agency Needs

The City of Springville is experiencing first hand the benefits each module addition brings to their city, and when asked, Nolen stated that the features in MyGov that stood out to her were the “quick response from MyGov agents, individualized reports and the Public Portal.” We look forward to continuing to help the city of Springville gain added success in their journey with MyGov.

If you would like to learn how your city can gain the same level of success as the City of Springville, contact our MyGov Sales Team today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to connecting with you and understanding how MyGov software can help you Build Better Communities.

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