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by Marketing MyGov


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In the very busy world of city governance, we understand the importance of having tools that truly get your needs. That’s why MyGov was created from the ground up—our user-centric Community Development Suite was designed with your perspective at the forefront. Our software was designed to operate specifically with your agency and make your work easy.

Easy Integration & Collaboration

Ever wish your software tools would just get along? MyGov’s suite isn’t a random assortment of apps; it’s a built-from-scratch product line that works together seamlessly. From managing permits and inspections to putting plans into action, everything works together effortlessly. No more information roadblocks—just a smooth, integrated ride for everyone involved.

MyGov’s software isn’t just about files and folders; it’s your digital town square where everyone comes to collaborate. Real-time updates, shared plans, and tools to work together efficiently, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Tailored to Your Needs

We get it – one size rarely fits all. That’s why our software is customizable and tailored to fit the unique needs of everyone in (and out) of your office —administrators, planners, and even contractors and citizens. It’s intuitive, it’s personal, and it’s designed to make your life easier.

Our software is also ever-evolving – we fit your needs as they change. Need updates? We got you. Growing community? No problem. We’re here for the long haul, adapting to your changing needs to make your agency successful at every stage.

Next Steps

At MyGov, we’re not just selling software; we are focused on streamlining processes, simplifying your tasks, and making your job more straightforward.  If you’re ready to experience firsthand how MyGov can enhance your agency’s efficiency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a MyGov expert today.

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