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In the fast-paced world of code enforcement, every moment counts. Code enforcement officers often find themselves bogged down with tedious tasks such as preparing documents, researching owner information, tracking deadlines, and managing complaints. This is where MyGov steps in, revolutionizing the way code enforcement officers work and allowing them to focus on what truly matters – ensuring community compliance and safety.

Automated Document Preparation

One of the major time-consuming tasks for code enforcement officers is the preparation of documents. Compiling information about current property owners, cases, and violations is a manual and labor-intensive process. MyGov eliminates this burden by automating the updating of owner information and generating completed documents seamlessly. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors in document creation.

Streamlined Mass Printing and Certified Mail

For officers who prefer to mass print letters later in the office or use certified mail, MyGov provides convenient solutions. The system supports mass printing of letters and integrates with the USPS tracking API to auto-update tracked mail information. This ensures efficient communication with property owners without the need for manual tracking.

Effortless Owner Information Retrieval

Searching for owner information on state or county websites and manually inputting it into the system can be a tedious and error-prone process. MyGov simplifies this by automatically updating location and owner information. Officers no longer need to spend valuable time searching for current owner information; it’s readily available within the MyGov Code Enforcement software.

GIS Mapping Tool for Addressing Challenges

Finding addresses on vacant lots can be a real challenge for code enforcement officers working in the field. MyGov’s GIS Mapping Tool comes to the rescue with its “Find Me” feature. Whether in the field or the office, officers can easily locate themselves on the map, select a parcel, and open a case or violation. This feature enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing properties with no posted address.

Deadline Tracking Made Easy

Keeping track of numerous cases, inspections, requirements, and deadlines can be overwhelming. MyGov incorporates a built-in workflow automation tool that streamlines this process. Officers receive reminders at the right time, ensuring that no deadlines are missed. With MyGov, code enforcement officers can focus on their work, confident that the system will prompt them when action is needed.

Effortless Abatement Tracking

Tracking abatements becomes seamless with MyGov. The system auto-notifies external contractors when jobs are created and provides them with an interface to keep officers updated. For internal jobs, MyGov creates a “Job” in the Work Order module, allowing internal users to provide feedback and job cost updates. This integrated approach ensures a smooth abatement process, whether handled internally or by external contractors.

Automated Complaint Processing

Handling a high volume of online complaints can be overwhelming without the right tools. MyGov simplifies the process by automatically updating complaint status as officers process their cases. This ensures that officers can efficiently manage and respond to complaints without spending excessive time on administrative tasks.

Moving Forward

MyGov is a comprehensive solution for code enforcement officers, addressing key pain points and streamlining workflows. By automating manual tasks, providing real-time updates, and enhancing overall efficiency, MyGov empowers officers to focus on their core responsibilities and contribute to building safer and more compliant communities. If you’re ready to see how MyGov can revolutionize your code enforcement processes, reach out to a MyGov expert today.

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