Struggling with Credential Management? Here’s How you Can Fix It

The construction industry has more than 680,000 employers with over 7 million employees and creates close to $1.3 trillion worth of structures each year, according to The Construction Association. As a leading industry for revenue and employment, keeping track of data and processes related to the industry is crucial. State, county, and city agencies have the large task of tracking, licensing, and registering the ever-growing contractor workforce in the United States. Here at MyGov, we know that developing processes, managing a large workload, and organizing data related to Contractor Registration can be difficult. Contractor registration represents only one type of credential which most agencies are responsible to watch over, which can be challenging. Below are a few of the common problems a software system can solve:

  • You need to have the ability for remote work using an online license system.
  • You need to provide clients a secure business portal, but there is none available.
  • You need to receive applications, but you have no online option.
  • You need to receive supporting documents, but there is not an exchange point.
  • You need to take an application, license, and renewal fees online, but you cannot.
  • You need to send receipt details to the accounting software but are not able.
  • You need to auto-notify customers about renewals, but now that is manually done.
  • You need to obtain, store, distribute, and review credential details online but cannot.
  • You need to integrate credentials with permit and license activity.
  • You need to publish credential details to a public portal, but no reporting system exists.

These challenges are significant, but they are not too great to overcome. MyGov has been helping hundreds of agencies over the past twenty years with cloud-based software solutions. Below are a few “use cases” for which credential management can be used:

  • General Contractor
  • Roofer
  • Pool Manager
  • Pool Contractor
  • Plumber
  • Architect
  • Food Handler
  • Sign Installer
  • Electrician
  • Engineer
  • Solicitor
  • Excavator
  • HVAC
  • Surveyor
  • Fence Installer
  • Fire Sprinkler

The MyGov Credential Management module makes the work of managing and monitoring credentials easy. Below are a few of the features to help:

  • Mobile software for customers and agency colleagues
  • A secure Collaborator Portal for customers to conduct business
  • Creation of custom fees and fields for payments and data collection
  • Link the agency website to a custom Public Portal for customer engagement
  • Online application and online payment from the Collaborator Portal
  • Upload of supporting documents such as licenses and insurance
  • Create custom notices and issue documents which are centrally stored
  • Auto-notify customers of renewal period and requirements
  • Allow clients to conduct all renewal activities online

If you want to clear the chaos and manage your Credential program successfully, you need the right tools. With MyGov’s fully-remote software solution, you will be able to:

  • Automate Systems
  • Collect Data
  • Control Processes
  • Connect People
  • Enforce Regulations
  • Analyze Data

If you feel overwhelmed by your current situation, don’t wait to implement a solution that can simplify your work. Our MyGov team is standing by, ready to help your agency during this unprecedented time. Schedule a demo with our MyGov Sales team, and they will walk through your current situation and develop a plan to manage your unique situation.


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