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Now more than ever, it is vital that government agencies update their outdated software.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of a digitized system. Today, more and more government agencies are opting for a hybrid or remote work schedule. These schedules emphasize the importance of a web-based software system.

Without being able to access your work from anywhere and stay involved in real-time, your government agency will be stuck in the past, losing your agency valuable time and money in an effort to stay connected.

The good news? MyGov’s suite of connected systems allows you to complete work from any mobile device. With MyGov’s digitized system, you can say goodbye to wasted time, lost paperwork, and project setbacks, and say hello to an easier, more cost-efficient way to complete government work.

Read on to discover the examples of outdated systems and the risks associated with manual paperwork, and find out how MyGov can bring you back up to speed.

There are major risks associated with using outdated software systems

While it can feel daunting to switch to a digitized system, making the shift is essential. Working with outdated software and manual processes opens your agency up to unnecessary risks and unforeseen setbacks.

Manual processes hold employees back. Because paperwork is resource-intensive, additional employee cost and time are necessary to complete basic tasks. Manual processes impact productivity by diverting employees from spending their time on high-priority tasks.

For example, if your team needs to drive back and forth from the office to the field to complete paperwork, employees may spend more time commuting than actually working on important government processes. Further, when data is entered incorrectly, any process can take up even more valuable time by introducing issues or causing wasteful rework, which directly impacts your municipality and its citizens.

It is also imperative that your employees are able to stay connected – no matter where they might be working. Without real-time access to notes, documents, photos, and maps associated with any given project, your team risks being left in the dark. With manual systems, it is almost impossible to stay involved in projects, which can lead to miscommunication, misfiled paperwork, and overall confusion.

Aside from the logistical issues that come with manual processes, repetitive and unnecessary tasks impact overall employee morale, which can lead to a decline in agency productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, outdated government software leads to unhappy constituents. If you are relying on manual work orders to complete tasks around your city, it is only a matter of time before paperwork is misfiled or gets lost in the shuffle resulting in delays that frustrate your citizens. This reflects poorly on your agency and leaves citizens feeling like they aren’t being heard.

At MyGov, we know it can be hard to say goodbye to the manual processes that have served you well for so long. That’s why we created a system that can closely match your current manual processes, deliver the benefits of a digitized system without sweeping changes to your current processes

MyGov’s digitized suite of connected modules has everything you need to keep your municipality running smoothly

MyGov’s web-based software is the digitized system you need to clear the chaos and manage your government processes – anytime, anywhere. We’ve designed our integrated suite of modules to work perfectly together to deliver an effective ecosystem of solutions. With MyGov, you can mix and match modules based on your current system and activities, then add more as you go. No matter your processes, MyGov is here to simplify your system and keep you connected, so nothing is missed and everyone stays in sync.

If the shift to a digitized system seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Our MyGov experts are standing by, happy to demonstrate how you can easily make outdated software a thing of the past. Plus, you’ll have access to our free comprehensive e-learning system, MyGov University. Here, you’ll discover training courses to help you quickly master our system, so you can feel confident in your new, updated system.

Are you ready to update your government software?

Ready to reduce your workload and increase your staff’s efficiency? If so, our MyGov experts would be happy to meet with you and discuss ways to digitize your current manual processes. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated systems and hello to productivity and connection. With MyGov, staying in sync with your team has never been easier.

So go ahead. Schedule a demo today and we’ll walk through your current situation, then outline a solution that’s guaranteed to increase efficiency and effectiveness — for years to come.

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